Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

chinese herbs for weight loss

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs are one of the most popular natural ways to lose weight today. When it comes to weight loss bags, comes the mind of many people green tea, among others.

However, from the perspective of TCM, green tea is far from being the tea that works for everything, although its benefits are obvious in burning fat in many cases.

Authentic tea should be one that matches the specific situation of the person. Otherwise, if the wrong tea is chosen, it is very likely that overall health will be impaired and the ultimate goal of weight loss will not be achieved.

Currently, lotus leaves and different parts of other plants are popular ingredients of many teas for weight loss. But to make full use of the curative potential of these ingredients, certain combinations of herbs and MTC’s pharmaceutical rules need to be followed.

The main effect of TCM teas for weight loss is that they awaken the body’s mechanisms to restore internal balance. Once latent functions are activated, the body can be reshaped by ingestion of the foods to be consumed and by the abandonment of those that are to be avoided. In other words, the main purpose of teas is to make the body function return to normal.

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How to choose tea for the regime?

chinese herbs

Many people know that the effectiveness of herbs for weight loss has been tested and proven by experience over the centuries. However, how to properly use herbs for weight loss is not as easy as we might think.

As the causes of overweight or obesity vary from person to person, it is a priority to know better and acquire more knowledge about chinese herbs for weight loss.

Here are some common herbs for weight loss:


Honeysuckle (lonicera caprifolium)


The honeysuckle is cold, dry and bitter in taste and influences the meridians of the large intestine, lung and stomach. MTC considers its functions as follows:

-Clear heat and eliminate toxic fire.
-Removes moisture.

Summer is the best time to take honeysuckle and is best suited for slimming in people with “heat-dampness in the stomach”.
Those who still gain weight despite eating too little should, by all means, avoid using honeysuckle to lose weight. It is possible that this type of overweight or obesity is caused by the deficiency of spleen qi. Honeysuckle is very likely to aggravate this type of disorder and favor the gain of extra “kilos”.



herbs for weight loss

Saiko, whose Chinese name is chai hu, is slightly cold in nature and has a bitter, spicy taste, and influences the liver and gallbladder meridians. MTC considers saiko to have the following functions:

– Benefits the gallbladder.
– Relieves stagnation of qi in the liver.
– Take off the excessive heat inside.

Therefore, saiko is indicated for slimming in cases of liver qi stagnation. Hare’s ear is very likely to be the cure for those who are overweight who get angry very easily and often.


Ze Xie

herbs for weight loss

Ze Xie, is cold in nature and sweet in taste and influences the meridians of the kidney and bladder. MTC considers that the Ze Xie may function as follows:

-Eliminates moisture through diuresis.
-Clear humidity-heat in the lower heater.

Ze Xie is a natural diuretic that can help decrease body water and thus help in weight loss. Therefore, this herb is commonly used in people with swollen legs due to deficiency of spleen and kidney.


Other Herbs that can help you lose weight

1. Ginseng

Some forms of Ginseng (also known as “miracle herb”, “root that heals all evils” or “root of eternal life”) can accelerate metabolism and increase energy. Panax ginseng in particular can help you lose weight, according to a research from the University of Maryland (USA). This plant is widely used in Chinese medicine and considered good for longevity.

2. Cayenne pepper

The main ingredient of cayenne pepper, capsaicin, helps to burn fat and suppress appetite. It also boosts metabolism, causing the body to burn more calories, according to research from Purdue University (USA).

3. Cinnamon

According to studies, cinnamon reduces blood sugar and the level of LDL cholesterol (the “bad cholesterol”). It can also increase metabolism and insulin levels, lowering the chance of developing diabetes.

4. Black pepper

The black pepper (black pepper, green pepper and white pepper are actually the same fruit (Piper nigrum), the color difference is a reflection of the various stages of development and processing methods) can increase metabolism through its main component, the piperine. Not only does black pepper improve digestion, it also helps to burn fat faster. According to a study by the University of Oklahoma (USA), black pepper can potentially burn as many calories as those spent in a 20-minute walk.

5. Dandelion

Yes, dandelion is a flower, which can be consumed in its raw form (and is among the first four plants with better nutritional value). Dandelions cleanse the body and have slow digestion, better satisfying hunger.

6. Mustard

Mustard is a great weight loss tool. Researchers at the Oxford Polytechnic Institute (England) have stated that a teaspoon of mustard can accelerate our metabolism by almost 25%.

7. Turmeric

This orange spice, commonly found in India, helps to break down fat and regulate the body’s metabolism. According to a Columbia University study, it may also help reduce the risks of diabetes.

8. Ginger

Research shows that ginger can suppress appetite, aid digestion, remove toxins and raise body temperature to boost our metabolism. Practically a health superhero.

9. Cardamom

Cardamom stimulates metabolism and is low in saturated fat. It can also promote healthy digestion and apparently improves breath. There are also claims that cardamom has antiseptic, diuretic, expelling and laxative properties. Can be used in coffees, salads, bread, meats, puddings, etc.

10. Cumin

This medicinal plant helps in the digestive process and in the production of energy while boosting the immune system. It can also help people with asthma, arthritis, kidney disease and colon cancer. It is generally found in the form of infusion (tea) and commonly used in cases of flatulence.


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