Top 5 Weight Loss Spells


In this article, you will discover that it is possible to do white witchcraft to lose weight easily. With a simple spell of white magic, you can have the figure you want in a short time.

The first spell is made with a thread, on which we tie nine knots. Each knot tied to the string will symbolize a hole in the belt. You will think, while you are doing this, that you are tightening the belt around your waist as you do at every step of your weight loss program. This white spell to get fit is based on the traditional nine-knot spell that is used in Wiccan Magic to achieve incredible results. With each knot that binds your intention marks a true desire for change that you want to see in your life which will manifest in the future. We will use a yellow wire to symbolize a measuring rule.

When you do this spell you visualize that you lose around three pounds per week.


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1.Speel – White Magic for Fast Weight Loss: Ingredients

weight loss spell

  •  A piece of bright yellow yarn

Take the cord and wrap it around your waist as you would do if you were taking your measurements. Cut it so that a piece of yarn remains. Take this string and then pronounce the following spell as it ties the knots:

“At node one, only breakfast,

By node two, my new life began,

By knot three, no more excesses will I give myself,

By node four, I will live many more years,

At node five, I now exercise,

By knot six, more looks will attract,

By node seven, by the pounds that are lost,

By node eight, my health is my treasure,

By the knot nine, how thin I’ll see!”


With nine, tie the last knot. Make sure that all nodes distribute evenly and well spaced on the wire.


Now tie the two ends together and say:


“Node ten is the strength, here I invoke you and so be it.”


2.  White Spell To Lose Weight


There are several methods of white magic to lose weight that involve different spells and rituals, as well as different corners or spells.

This simple ritual of white magic to slim down with candles requires a white candle, a yellow and a blue candle, as well as a mirror. You will light each of the candles aligned in a row in front of the mirror, pronouncing the following spell:


“Here I start to lose weight,

And finally I can do it.

Already the extra pounds are going,

And my journey becomes intense,

My motivation is the key,

And the Universe will listen to me.”


You’ll use the wax from the lit candles to create a new wax candle that combines the three candles. He will repeat the ritual daily until the candle is formed and then repeat the ritual with the new candle. You are going to burn the new candle until it goes out alone or the wind blows it out and every day you will do the same when you feel unhappy about your weight.


3. Rice Grain Spell

On Wednesday morning, take half a glass of water and put inside it the number of grains of rice that corresponds to the amount of kilos you want to lose. You have to be careful and not exaggerate putting more grains than would be ideal since the pounds you lose can no longer recover. When night comes drink the water, but leave the rice grains in the glass and again put water through the middle of the glass. Thursday morning drink the water, leave the beans and again add water to the middle of the glass and finally, Friday morning drink the water with the rice grains together.



  • During the whole process do not change the glass, always keep the same.
  • As the spell is infallible do not make arrangements together
  • Look well the pounds you want to lose and take the same number for the spell
  • Begin on Wednesday



4. Constellation Spell

In a waning moon period, pee a yellow ribbon and leave the house holding the ribbon with both hands, look at the sky and choose the smallest star you find and then according to the amount of kilos you want to lose go knitting the ribbon in as you say to each knot, “Star, little star, fair and skinny, give me your thinness, I’ll give you my fat.” If this ties the ribbon on your wrist and as you lose weight, then untie the knots one by one.


5. Fast Weight Loss Spell


Cut a clove of garlic in half and place the two parts in a glass of water. Cover the glass with a saucer and let the street take serene. Next morning throw the water from the glass into the sink and take the two halves of the garlic clove and bury it in a flower pot or in a garden. Then wash the glass and the saucer and return to normal use. The spell should be done for seven days.

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